Rules for using the Internet access provided in the hostels of the UNN.

To gain access to the Internet through a local network in the hostels of the Nizhny Novgorod State University named after N.I. Lobachevsky (UNN), you must read and accept the following Rules for using the Internet access provided in UNN dormitories (hereinafter referred to as the Rules):

  1. Access to the network for conducting educational and scientific activities within the framework of training and work at UNN is provided only for employees and students of UNN. No access fee is charged.
  2. Access to the network is carried out using the login and password provided during registration at the student MFC.
  3. UNN has the right to set limits on the speed and volume of received and transmitted data on the network. If the limit on the amount of data is exceeded, the speed of access to the network may be limited until the end of the calendar month.
  4. It is prohibited to transfer the issued login and password to third parties, as well as to provide Internet access to third parties using the issued login and password, including using wireless routers.
  5. Regularly updated anti-virus software must be installed on devices connected to the Internet in dormitories.
  6. The network user bears full, including legal, responsibility for the content and accuracy of information transmitted over the network, as well as for other actions on the network performed using the provided login and password.
  7. It is prohibited to conduct commercial activities using the provided login and password.

These Rules are mandatory for all network users in UNN dormitories.

In case of violation of the Rules, or if other reasons arise that make it impossible to further provide access to the network, UNN has the right to suspend access to the network.